Low Dose Radiation Conference 2018 Proceedings Videos

David Brenner

Session Videos
B Reactor Concert: Conference Introduction
B Reactor Concert: Star Spangled Banner
B Reactor Concert: Song of Democracy
Plenary 1, Opening Session
Plenary 1 Vimeo
Plenary 2, Dose-Response Relationships in the Context of Standards For Radiation Protection
Michael Schellenberger Luncheon Speach
Panel 1, Can Regulators Accomocate and Alternative Dose-Response Paradigm?
Plenary 3, Epidemiology
Panel 2, Epidemiology and Basis for Current Radiation Protection Standards
Nick Priest, The Strategic Low Dose Program of the Canadian Nuclear Utilities - Addressing the Worries and Concerns of the Public
Plenary 4, Mechanistic Biology and Radiation Standards
Panel 3, Can We use Mechanistic Data in Risk Assessment?
Plenary 5, The Role of Modeling in Radiation Protection
Panel 4, Models of Dose Response Relationships
Plenary 6, Needs in Low Dose Radiation Biology for Medicine and Industry
Bill Magwood Banquet Speaker
Plenary 7, Continuing Needs in Low Dose Radiation Biology for Medicine and Industry
Plenary 8, Risk Communication, Fear and Regulations
Thomas Hansen, Risk Tradeoffs in Policy Making
Panel 5, Communication and Policy
Paul Lorenzini Luncheon Speaker
Plenary 9, Scientific Needs to Move Forward in Low Dose Biology and Risk
Panel 6, Requirements to update regulations
Summarize Meeting

Topical Videos
Fukushima Evacuation Orders: Christopher Clement
Low Dose Research Needs: Dmitry Klokov
Incorporating Low Dose Radiation into Laws and Policies: Paul Locke

Epigenetics: Are You What Your Mother Ate?
Epigenetics: Randy Jirtle

Epigenetics: Beyond Genetics
Epigenetics: Jim Fallon Natural Born Killer

Implementation of ALARA

Using Stigma

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