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Video from Tony Brooks Providing Radiation Exposure in Perspective

A Big Picture Perspective of the Impact that Radiation Has on Humans

Video from Theo Richel Providing Radiation Exposure in Perspective

PodCast Interview of Darrell Fisher on Medical Internal Radiation Dose

Radiation Risk in Perspective
Position Statement of the Health Physics Society Revised February 2019

"We are killing real people today to avoid undetectable risk to theoretial people thousands of years from now"
Bruce refers to the EIS "no action" alternative as "no fault".

The Fukushima locally-led response to the Fukushima accident that was supported by the ICRP shows that when a population is exposed to radiation the proper response is to Listen, not overload the affected population with facts.

The United States implementation of the ICRP concept of ALARA is inconsistant with ICRP guidance and should be changed.

A population exposed to a radiation release will experience health effects including divorce, suicide, and transportation accidents even if there is no possibility of health effects from radiation.

Hanford Manhattan Project Site

Mayak Techa River Area: Russian Plutonium Production

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